2020 Race Updates

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USAT #triweek

USA Triathlon presents ‘National Triathlon Week’ – which kicks off today!

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Plus, we have a few photos of some of you wearing your #wegotthis Buff!

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Race update & Buff

The FIT Family Series at Caesar Creek has not received a permit & will not take place this year. We appreciate your patience with us as we navigate the process of attempting to obtain this permit.

The #wegotthis Buff is on it’s way to your doorstep for those that donated!

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Memorial Day is a day we show appreciation for those that have served for our nation. We should also take time to show appreciation for those that have helped us during tough times of the pandemic.

USA Triathlon issued their ‘Safe Return to Racing – Recommendations for Athletes’ which will be the guidelines that we will use when we can hold races.

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Our the FIT Family Series at Deer Creek & Maumee Bay have been rescheduled for 2021. We have also rescheduled a few other races for 2021. We understand that there is excitement to race, but in order to have races – we need permits & take the necessary precautionary measures. To understand our current racing status, read our latest newsletter.


Staying Connected

This week USA Triathlon issued their ‘USA Triathlon Safe Return to Multisport Initiative’ – which gives guidelines to racers & race directors.

HFP Racing had a lot going on too:

  • California Triathlon Soup podcast
  • #wegotthis video
  • American Triple-T & TOUGHMAN Ohio video

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USAT Safe Sport

HFP Racing update + podcast

There are some uncertainties with the 2020 season — we created this #wegotthis video that just might give you a little boost of sunshine!

California Triathlon Soup featured our very own Shannon on their podcast — take a listen to learn more about HFP Racing, being a RD, and our racers!

California Triathlon_Shannon Post

We wish you & your family the best during these difficult times.