The City of Portsmouth will host the 5th annual “SOMC TRI for Your LIFE” brought to you by Southern Ohio Medical Center, as the organization seeks to build on wellness initiatives and grow the multisport community within the greater Southern Ohio region.

The SOMC Sprint Triathlon will take place on July 31 in Portsmouth, Ohio. The event will feature a youth triathlon at the Life Center Portsmouth. The event will kick-off with a “Wellington Healthy Dog Run” for those kids who want to show off their running skills without doing a triathlon. The youth triathlon will begin in the pool and progress to the bike course alongside the murals of the floodwall that depict the history of the community. The youth run will cap off the event and will occur through the campus green.

The Adult TRI will begin with a brief dip in the Life Center Portsmouth pool and then progress to a 3-lap 9 mile bike course. The run will feature a rolling 5k course through the streets of Portsmouth.

We hope you will mark your calendars and join us for this exciting event!

Online Registration Closes: July 29th, 2016 – 12:00 noon EST



Sunday, July 31 — Life Center Portsmouth

SOMC Tri for your LIFE:

  • 200m Swim — 9mi Bike (3-lap course) — 5k Run

Kids Triathlon:

Age on December 31st of this year

  • (Age 10 & under) 100m Swim — 5k Bike — ½mi Run
  • (Ages 11–15) 200m Swim — 10k Bike — 1mi Run


Sunday, July 31

  • 8:00am — SOMC Tri for your LIFE
  • 11:00am — Kids Triathlon (Ages 11–15 and Age 10 & under)


Life Center Portsmouth

  • Saturday, July 30 from 1:00pm–3:00pm
  • Sunday, July 31 from 6:00am–7:30am

There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION — packet pickup ONLY!





Shannon Kurek, Race Director
HFP Racing
aka HFP Man

HFP Racing Annual Super Summer Sale

SuperSummerSaleTraditionally, HFP Racing has offered three annual sales each season with the year starting off with the New Year’s Super Sale (25% off), followed by the Spring Super Sale (20% off) and finally our Super Summer Sale (15%). These sales are offered to give our loyal customers a chance to save some money while planning their season. To help you plan for the second half of the summer and fall racing season we are offer the Super Summer Sale for 15% off any races in August and September. The sale starts at NOW on July 27 and will go through Midnight on July 31.

Use the code “SUPERSUMMER2016″ when registering for any of the below races:

Why I love this sport so much!

If you have ever wondered why I love my triathlon crew so much, or why I (and many others) think that triathlons and triathletes are the best people in the world, let me share just a few things that occurred over the weekend to confirm that proclamation.  We will visit a few different sites, all over North America in the next few minutes, so – hold on….

In Calgary, AL (Canada, eh) – in the IM 70.3 Alberta, two female Pro’s turned a race of over 70 miles into a sprint of 50 yards at the finish.  Ohio triathlete and great lady Jennifer Speildenner Whitacre won that  epic battle with Rachel McBride, and after the race they hugged, and spent the next few hours laughing and congratulating EACH OTHER on a fantastic effort, and praising the others ability, and continuing that attitude on social media.  Can you think of another sport where two professional athletes would exhibit that level of sportsmanship and humanity to each other?  Maybe, but there aren’t many, and there should be.  Congratulations to Rachel McBride and Jen Speildenner Whitacre for showing the world how true professionals act, publicly and privately.

In Birmingham AL (Y’all) a group of people were watching internet results intently as first time triathlete Dennis Gossard completed his first race after retiring from a 32 year career in the Army.  All reports say that he had fun, and is now officially hooked on the tri-ddiction.  Congrats Dennis, and welcome to the tri-family.

In Springfield, OH (where we drink “pop”) – The Great Buckeye Challenge saw a record field of folks turn out to compete in Mini, Sprint, Olympic, and Half distance races in what turned out to be record weather conditions.  A high pressure system has been hanging over the Midwest all week, and Sunday it decided to turn up the heat.  Record high temps, a blazing sun, and stifling air made a challenging race even more difficult, to the point that the Medical and Safety teams made the decision to reduce the final 13.1 mile run portion to a 10K for the safety of the racers.  Thanks to race management (HFP Racing) and the Safety and Medical teams for putting racer safety over everything.  Racers rule.

The Great Buckeye Challenge had other memorable moments for many racers.  More than a dozen racers did the GBC as an “Anniversary Race” since they did the GBC as their first race anywhere from 1, 5, 10, even 15 years ago.  Deanna Kiesel of Findlay, OH used it to record her 1005th race (Yes, one thousand and five) race, and Gary Rhoades of State College PA recorded his 800th finish.  Wow.  We will talk about each of these great people in detail later…

Finally, somewhere between the “we love our volunteers” and “tri-people rock” columns, a story from a racer at the GBC shows the character of both tri racers, and tri volunteers.  A half-distance racer finished and went straight to race management to sing the praises of the volunteers.

As the athlete slogged through his final run, his new shoes and lack of socks put blisters that turned to open, bleeding wounds on his feet, to the point that he removed his shoes to run in bare feet on the 115 degree pavement.  To say he was in pain was an understatement.  At an aid station, a volunteer we’ll call “Tammi” (cause that’s her name) saw his predicament, and literally gave him the socks from her feet!  She removed her own socks, helped him sit down, and proceeded to get him situated to finish the race in HER socks.  She saved his race, and he knew it.  He did finish the race, and when he finished, he made sure everyone knew how much he appreciated the volunteers.  (Yes, he kept the socks, and we replaced Tammi’s).

We all know that our volunteers make the race possible, as they get up before we do, they work while we play, and they continue to work after we go home.  Thanks again to Tammi and to everyone who has ever volunteered at a race.  We don’t always show our appreciation, but we do appreciate you greatly.

Until next time, we’ll see you at the finish line!








Rich Fowler
The Official Voice of HFP Racing


A celebrated participant at the Great Buckeye Challenge

Gossard2-PhotoAs some of you know, I have a bit of a soft spot in my heart for our HFP Racers with a military background. Team RWB and active duty military get shout outs at every race, and they add a lot to our experience as well. We love having them race with us. With that in mind, we will have a special guest with us at the Great Buckeye Challenge on Saturday July 24 in Springfield. But that starts us too far forward – let’s back up a bit. About 35 years ago I had a friend who I also called “brother”, who was my inward and outward opposite. He was a skinny, calm little guy – I’ve never been accused of that; he was rather quiet and reserved, while I – well, you know me. We were flip sides of the same coin, and it worked. After HS I went off to college, and he said he was going to give the military a try. Fast forward 32 years, and he will be joining us at The Great Buckeye Challenge – but he isn’t the same skinny little kid I used to know.

Army Master Sergeant Dennis Gossard retired last week after 32 years of serving our country, just a week prior to The Great Buckeye Challenge, and he has chosen his first “civilian” activity to be the GBC – and to race with us!! We are honored to have him with us. Dennis is a lifelong Ohio resident (when he hasn’t been out working for Uncle Sam), and has always been a Buckeye. Before all else though, Dennis is a lifelong soldier.

His resume includes the 82 nd Airborne Division, the 108 th Divisional HQ, and Special Gossard1-PhotoOperations Command. Dennis has served as and supported operators and operations at forward bases all over the world, and has had sand in places we civilians never, ever want to consider finding sand.

We are thrilled that Master Sergeant Gossard has chosen to compete in his first triathlon with us at The Great Buckeye Challenge, and I am even happier that we can congratulate and honor my little brother Denny for his 3 decades of service to our country. Denny will be conspicuous in transition (I will see to that), and he will also do us the honor of posting colors for the pre-race National Anthem. If you can find the time in your race prep, please take a moment to step over and congratulate him on his retirement, and welcome Denny to the HFP family. It’s nice to finally have him home!

Bringing it from the mic!








Rich Fowler
The Official Voice of HFP Racing

Great Buckeye Challenge – IT’S RACE WEEK!

logo_gbcThe Great Buckeye Challenge — located at the beautiful Buck Creek State Park in Springfield, Ohio features a distance for everyone. The Great Buckeye Challenge features an exciting 2-lap 56 mile course for the Half Triathlon & Duathlon. Whether you want to go short or long, triathlon or duathlon, The Great Buckeye Challenge has the event for you. The event includes a mini, sprint, Olympic and half distance triathlon & duathlon. ALL FINISHERS will receive a HUGE custom made Great Buckeye Challenge FINISHER medal.

Online registration closes Friday, July 22nd at Midnight.


Saturday, July 23 — HFP Course Talk and Preview

  • (2:00–3:00pm) for all weekend courses and races

Sunday, July 24 — Great Buckeye Challenge

  • Mini: 250y Swim (2mi Run) — 10mi Bike — 2mi Run
  • Sprint: 750m Swim (5k Run) — 14mi Bike — 5k Run
  • Olympic: 1500m Swim (5k Run) — 25mi Bike — 10k Run
  • Half: 1.2mi Swim (5k Run) — 56mi Bike — 13.1mi Run



  • 6:00–7:30am — Transition area open
  • 7:30am — Women’s Mini Triathlon
  • 7:40am — Men’s Mini Triathlon
  • 7:50am — All Duathletes (Mini, Sprint, Olympic, Half)
  • 7:50am — Sprint Triathlon Waves
  • 8:00am — Olympic Triathlon Waves
  • 8:15am — Half Triathlon Waves


Buck Creek State Park Beach Area

  • Saturday, July 23 from 12:00pm–5:00pm
  • Sunday, July 24 from 6:00am–7:30am

There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION — packet pickup ONLY!



USA Triathlon Rule 3.2a. All age group athletes must participate and compete in the age group division corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31 of the year of the event.

  • Age Group — 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+
  • Elite Open* — Amateur 15-39 years old, has chance to finish in top 10 overall
  • Elite Master* — Amateur 40-49 years old, has chance to finish in top 10 overall
  • Elite Grand Master* — Amateur 50+ years old, has chance to finish in top 10 overall
  • Clydesdale — Males racing weight groups in two age groups:
    • under 40 & 220+lbs
    • over 40 & 220+lbs
  • Athena — Females racing weights group, not age group — 150lbs+
  • Aquabike — racing only the swim and bike portions only (no running)

*The elite divisions are only for the sprint, Olympic & half distance triathlon or duathlon participants. Those competing in these divisions are not eligible for age group awards.


For those who prefer to race one element of the triathlon or duathlon we offer a relay division for our sprint, Olympic & half distance triathlons and duathlons. Relay teams consist of three (3) members (1 swimmer, 1 biker, 1 runner), each member will complete one segment of the race (2 members for duathlon teams). Each team member will exchange their timing chip bracelet at their assigned bike rack. There are NO age groups in this division.


All finishers will receive a handsome finisher medal and the top three in each division will receive custom awards (including relay teams).

Half Distance Bike Aid Stations
Bike bottles with GATORADE ENDURANCE Formula and Water will be available at two (2) aid stations. See Bike Course for exact locations. Additionally, there will be BOOM Energy Gel, cookies, pretzels and bananas available.

Run Course Aid Stations (All distances)
GATORADE ENDURANCE Formula and Water will be available at aid stations approx every mile. See Run Course for exact locations. Additionally, there will be BOOM Energy Gel, cookies, pretzels and bananas available.




Shannon Kurek, Race Director
HFP Racing
aka HFP Man


Mason Tri-umphant – IT’S RACE WEEK!!!

logo_masonThe City of Mason will host a family friendly race with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the construction the Mason Parks & Recreation Foundations vision for Common Ground, an inclusive playground to be located within the city limits. This event is a perfect fit for someone new to triathlons wanting to get their feet wet in their first event. The race has three categories of competition; youth, adult women & adult men. The women’s triathlon and duathlon events begins at 7:30am and the men’s events begin at 9am. Both events begin with a 400 meter pool swim or a 5k run, followed by a 20k bike through the scenic streets of Mason, closing with a 5k run in Pine Hill Lakes and Corwin M. Nixon Park. The youth triathlon events begin at 11am for youth 10 years and older and at 11:30am for youth ages 6–9.

Online registration closes on July 15th at Midnight.


Saturday, July 16

  • (2:00pm) — HFP Course Talk and Preview for all Sunday courses and races

Sunday, July 17

  • Women’s Only Triathlon/Duathlon:
    400y Swim (5k Run) — 20k Bike — 5k Run
  • Men’s Only Triathlon/Duathlon:
    400y Swim (5k Run) — 20k Bike — 5k Run
  • Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon*:
    Age on December 31st of this year
    (Age 10 & under) 100y Swim — 5k Bike — ½mi Run
    (Ages 11–15) 200y Swim — 10k Bike — 1mi Run

*Kidz Duathlon starts with a ¼mi Run (Age 10 & under) or a ½mi Run (Ages 11–15)


  • 7:30am — Women’s Only Triathlon/Duathlon
  • 9:00am — Men’s Only Triathlon/Duathlon
  • 11:00am — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Ages 11–15)

    *Time Trial Start – one participant at a time in a serpentine pattern
    (see swim course map)

    COURSE DESCRIPTION: Ladies will get things started on race day with the Women’s Only Triathlon and Duathlon at 7:30am featuring a 400 meter pool swim or a 5k run, followed by a 2-lap 20k bike through the City of Mason and closing with a 5k run in Corwin M. Nixon Park. A Men’s Triathlon and Duathlon featuring the same distances starts at 9:00am and the Kids Triathlon at 11:00am. The Kidz bike course is the adult run course (1 or 2 laps) and the run is out & back in the soccer fields next to transition. 11:30am — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Age 10 & under)
    Course Maps Link


Mason Community Center (front lobby)
6050 Mason Montgomery Rd., Mason, Ohio 45040, 513-229-8555

  • Saturday, July 16 from 9:00am–2:00pm

Corwin Nixon Park

  • Sunday, July 17 from 6:00am–8:30am

There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION — packet pickup ONLY!




Shannon Kurek, Race Director
HFP Racing
aka HFP Man



2017 American Triple-T Accomodations Update

Shawnee-Lodge-logoJUST RECEIVED MORE ROOMS FOR THE 2017 TRIPLE T LODGE! First come, first served!!  Great way to stay just minutes from the race site!  Book yours now before it’s too late!  Contact and give your room style desired and give your check in and check out dates needed.
2017 Triple T Shawnee Resort Lodge available rooms:
15 double rooms available (two double beds and bathroom in hotel style room, $215+ tax per night, 2 night minimum)
4 bunk house rooms available (two double beds, two twin beds and bathroom in hotel style room, $250 + tax per night, 2 night minimum)
5 king rooms available (one king size bed, one bathroom in hotel style room for $215 _+tax per night, 2 night minimum)
Contact to reserve your room!

American Triple-T

What IS the American Triple-T?  Well, it’s everything you’ve heard it to be, and more. The event is so much more than your typical “triathlon weekend” — it’s a triathlon achievement of epic proportions for all who partake. It is 3 consecutive days of racing, gelling together 4 races covering a total of more than 70 miles (SPRINT ST) or 140 miles (XTREME XT) for the weekend. You will find yourself swimming in the chilly spring-fed lakes, riding the most technically challenging hills in Ohio, and finishing with out-and-back runs along the trail systems climbing and descending those same hillsides.

The American Triple-T is not for the weak or faint of spirit.
Smiling-TeamsIt has humbled many triathletes who didn’t take it seriously, and it validates a host of others who test their “tri-mettle” at the “T” every year. Athletes from all 50 states, and 4 continents have all sought the privilege of earning their American Triple-T finisher T-shirt. Competitors, volunteers and spectators all come away with a new appreciation of the sport and of the athletes who train and tame mind and body to complete this legendary event.

Sea-of-bikesYou’ll also come away with newfound friendships, and you’ll solidify those bonds every year you come together to face this demon. There are even a special few who turned their initial shared experiences at the American Triple-T into a union of souls, and they came back the next year to compete as husband and wife! While we cannot guarantee that you’ll find your soulmate at the “T”, we will guarantee an incredible, unforgettable experience unique in the triathlon world.
Running-BikingSo please, take your time, peruse the website, and check out all of the unique aspects of this amazing weekend event, then reach deep down and find the courage to sign up and join us at the 2017 American Triple-T on June 2-4. This event has boasted a SOLD OUT field for the past decade.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to race in one of the most unique events in triathlon.