Perfect weather conditions for FIT Family Series Championship @ Portage Lakes

Portage Lakes State Park in Akron, Ohio serves as the championship race for the FIT Family Series. The triathlon starts off with a beautiful swim courses in Turkeyfoot Lake along the beach. Duathletes start off with a 5k out and back run within the park. The bike courses loop through the country roads surrounding the park. Both events finish with a run through the park with the finish line overlooking Portage Lakes.


Event Information


Saturday, September 16 — HFP Course Talk and Preview

  • (2:00pm) for Sunday courses and races

Saturday, September 16 — P.R. Multisport & Swim Clinic

Saturday, September 16 — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon*

Age on December 31st of this year

  • (Age 10 & under) 100y Swim — 5k Bike — ½mi Run
  • (Ages 11–15) 200y Swim — 10k Bike — 1mi Run

*Duathlon starts with a ¼mi Run (Age 10 & under) or a ½mi Run (Ages 11–15)

Sunday, September 17 — Portage Lakes Triathlon & Duathlon

  • Mini: 250y Swim (2mi Run) — 7mi Bike — 2mi Run
  • Sprint: 750m Swim (5k Run) — 22k Bike — 5k Run
  • Olympic: 1500m Swim (5k Run) — 37k Bike — 10k Run



  • 2:00pm — Transition area opens for Kidz races
  • 3:00pm — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Ages 11–15)
  • 4:15pm — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Age 10 & under)


  • 6:00–7:30am — Transition area open
  • 7:30am — Mini Women’s start
  • 7:40am — Mini Men’s start
  • 7:50am — All Duathletes (Mini, Sprint and Olympic)
  • 7:50am — Sprint Triathlon Waves
  • 8:00am — Olympic Triathlon Waves

2017 American Triple-T Rankings Announced

Welcome to the American Triple-T Ohio, America’s ONLY Triathlon Tour. You’re in for something special. Shawnee State Park & Forest is the proud host of the American Triple-T Ohio and looks forward to showcasing their beautiful and challenging terrain within their park which makes this event so unique. Shawnee State Park & Forest is located in the Appalachian foothills near the banks of the Ohio River. Shawnee State Park is nestled in the 63,000 acre Shawnee State Forest, once the hunting grounds of the Shawnee Indians.

Regardless of your chosen distance (Sprint ST or Xtreme XT) the American Triple-T Ohio will provide you with one of the most challenging weekends of your life – count on it. HFP Racing is proud to be the producers of this event and find it a privilege to serve you.

2017 American-Triple-T Participant Guide
(Official course maps will be available at check-in)

We’re READY – Are you?

HFP Super Spring Sale

HFP-super-spring-saleHFP Racing Spring Super Sale!

If you missed out on HFP’s annual January Super Sale then April 19-21 is the next best time to get yourself registered for the 2017 season. After enduring the off-season of unpredictable weather now it’s time to get your season of racing planned out…race season is right around the corner and this week we’ll be racing at Ohio University at the season opening triathlon and duathlon. There’s no better way to get your season started than by saving some money. The sale starts at 12:01am on April 19 will go through Midnight on April 21.

Looking forward to seeing you at a race soon.

Shannon Kurek
aka HFP Man




Use the code “SPRING-SUPER-SALE-2017″ when registering for any of the below races to save 15% (sorry..discounts are not retroactive):

Spring Super Sale Direct Registration Links:
O’Bleness Health System Race for a Reason — April 22, 2017
FIT Family Series — 2017 SERIES ENTRY
American Triple-T Shawnee — June 2-4, 2017
Little Smokies Triathlon — June 4, 2017
FIT Family Series — Deer Creek State Park — June 10-11, 2017
Independence Triathlon & Duathlon — July 2, 2017
FIT Family Series — Maumee Bay State Park — June 17-18, 2017
FIT Family Series — Caesar Creek State Park — July 8-9, 2017
Mason Tri-umphant Triathlon/Duathlon, Kids Triathlon — July 23, 2017
FIT Family Series — Alum Creek State Park — August 5-6, 2017
FIT Family Series — Vermilion — August 19-20, 2017
Great Buckeye Challenge — Buck Creek State Park — September 9-10, 2017
FIT Family Series — Portage Lakes State Park — September 16-17, 2017
Deer Creek Fall Challenge — September 24, 2017

HFP Racing Apparel Store Opens for Spring Orders

We are excited to announce our Team Store for New Team Kit Items from Pactimo!

Here is the link to the Team Store:

Password – TEAMHFP2017

The Team Store will be open from April 14th until April 20th.              

All sales are final once they are placed. Our team Account Manager (Lori Liedy) has the ability to go in and adjust SIZES while the team store is OPEN, but she cannot adjust QUANTITIES. If team members decide they want additional items, they must submit a second order.

The team store will close at midnight on April 20th. Once the store is closed, no additional orders can be accepted. At that point all orders will go into Production and the 4 week guaranteed delivery time frame begins. Items purchased within the team store are not put into production until the entire store closes, not calculated 4 weeks according to the order date.

Our store is individual shipping. Shipping costs are $9.00 plus 2% of the merchandise total. Please verify your shipping address. All shipments are by Fed Ex, cannot go to a PO Box and require a signature.

When you access the Team Store, you will see the Team Kit items listed first, items can also be sorted by garment line to view. Across the top is a category called Special Offers. These items are available to our team members to purchase at a 30% discount off normal pricing on the Pactimo retail site. All Special Offers will be shipped directly from the Pactimo offices in Colorado within 5-7 business days at no additional shipping cost to team members. This is a great opportunity to purchase items such as base layers or jackets at a deep discount.

If you have any specific ordering questions please contact Lori at


OU Race for a Reason Announces NEW Flat And Fast Bike Course

Our friends at the Ohio University Race for a Reason just announced today the final approval for a new flat and fast 17 mile bike course for the triathlon and duathlon on Saturday, April 22. The course features a section on the very popular HockHocking Adena Bikeway providing great views of the Hocking River and on the return route back of downtown Athens. All the exciting race information can be found here and click on the below links for the course maps.

Triathlon Swim Course & Staging Area
Triathlon/Duathlon Bike Course
Triathlon/Duathlon Run Course

American Triple-T to feature LIVE Race Results

HFP Racing is excited to announce that the 2017 American Triple-T will finally be able to provide the same timing technology that participants have come to enjoy at other HFP Racing events. Part of the attraction of the American Triple-T is the intimate and remote location at the Shawnee State Park in the middle of the Shawnee State Forest. However, that comes with a price; there is NO internet access or cell phone use at the venue. The only consistent communication at the event has been through the Mark Radio system provided by the State of Ohio for the event staff. On site this year will be a mobile Satellite that will allow HFP Racing to provide live streaming results (updated every 90 seconds) on five 40 inch monitors at the finish line. Current event results will be streaming on 3 monitors and 2 monitors will be streaming the overall standings for the weekend. Additionally, participants will be emailed a link to share with family and friends (not at the race site) to keep up with the race online. At the completion of each final race results will automatically be uploaded to the American Triple-T results page for folks to view from their Shawnee Lodge hotel rooms or cabins.

“We’re super excited to finally be able to offer HFP’s signature race this technology. We’ve always worked very hard to make the American Triple-T a unique, special race weekend with an attention to detail…this will significantly add to the overall participant experience”. Shannon Kurek, Race Director – American Triple-T.


The 2017 event will take place on June 2-4. [GET REGISTERED NOW]


A triathlon achievement of epic proportions!

Experience 3 consecutive days of racing, gelling together 4 races covering a total of more than 70+ or 140+ miles for the weekend. You will find yourself swimming in the chilly spring-fed lakes, riding the most technically challenging hills in Ohio, and finishing with breathtaking runs along the trail systems climbing and descending those same hillsides.


Welcome to the 2017 American Triple-T!

att-flexingWhat IS the American Triple-T?  Well, it’s everything you’ve heard it to be, and more. The event is so much more than your typical “triathlon weekend” — it’s a triathlon achievement of epic proportions for all who partake. It is 3 consecutive days of racing, gelling together 4 races covering a total of more than 70 miles (SPRINT ST) or 140 miles (XTREME XT) for the weekend. You will find yourself swimming in the chilly spring-fed lakes, riding the most technically challenging hills in Ohio, and finishing with out-and-back runs along the trail systems climbing and descending those same hillsides.

The American Triple-T is not for the weak or faint of spirit.
att-bikeIt has humbled many triathletes who didn’t take it seriously, and it validates a host of others who test their “tri-mettle” at the “T” every year. Athletes from all 50 states, and 4 continents have all sought the privilege of earning their American Triple-T finisher T-shirt. Competitors, volunteers and spectators all come away with a new appreciation of the sport and of the athletes who train and tame mind and body to complete this legendary event.

You’ll also come away with newfound friendships, and you’ll solidify those bonds every year you come together to face this demon. There are even a special few who turned their initial shared experiences at the American Triple-T into a union of souls, and they came back the next year to compete as husband and wife! While we cannot guarantee that you’ll find your soul mate at the “T”, we will guarantee an incredible, unforgettable experience unique in the triathlon world.
att-run2So please, take your time, peruse the website, and check out all of the unique aspects of this amazing weekend event, then reach deep down and find the courage to sign up and join us at the 2017 American Triple-T on June 2-4. This event has boasted a SOLD OUT field for the past decade.


Special discount offered for Worthington Triathlon & Duathlon (now Independence Triathlon & Duathlon)

(The recently announced Worthington Triathlon & Duathlon scheduled for Sunday, July 2 in Worthington, Ohio is offering a 25% discount for anyone registering before March 1. Use the code “WTD-SALE-2017” when registering for the event online.


Worthington Pools
will host a family friendly multisport event featuring a sprint distance triathlon & duathlon for the adults and a kid friendly distance triathlon & duathlon for kids 15 & under. This event is a perfect fit for someone giving triathlon a “tri” for the very first time or the veteran triathlete looking for a short and fast mid-season race. The adult triathlon and duathlon events get things started at 7:00am. The adult swim begins with a 400 yard serpentine* pool swim in the “40 yard” outdoor pool or a 5k run (duathlon), followed by a 2-lap 10 mile bike through the streets of Worthington, then closing with an out and back 5k run on the paved Olentangy Trail. The youth triathlon & duathlon events begin at 10am for youth 11-15 years and older and at 10:45am for youth ages 10 & under. [GET REGISTERED NOW]


Event Information


Saturday, July 1

  • (2:00pm) — HFP Course Talk and Preview for all Sunday courses and races

Sunday, July 2

  • Adult Triathlon/Duathlon:
    400y Swim (5k Run) — 10mi Bike — 5k Run
  • Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon*:
    Age on December 31st of this year
    (Age 10 & under) 100y Swim — 2.5mi Bike — ½mi Run
    (Ages 11–15) 200y Swim — 5mi Bike — 1mi Run

*Kidz Duathlon starts with a ¼mi Run (Age 10 & under) or a ½mi Run (Ages 11–15)


  • 7:00am — Adult Triathlon/Duathlon
  • 10:00am — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Ages 11–15)
  • 10:45am — Kidz Triathlon & Duathlon (Age 10 & under)


Worthington Pools
400 W Dublin Granville Rd, Worthington, OH 43085, 614-885-1619

  • Saturday, July 1 from 10:00am–2:00pm
  • Sunday, July 2 from 6:00am–9:45am

There is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION — packet pickup ONLY!


USA Triathlon Rule 3.2a. All age group athletes must participate and compete in the age group division corresponding to the athlete’s age on December 31 of the year of the event.

  • Kids Age Groups — 7 & under, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
  • Age Group — 14 & under, 15-19, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75+
  • Elite Open* — Amateur 15-39 years old, has chance to finish in top 10 overall
  • Elite Master* — Amateur 40-49 years old, has chance to finish in top 10 overall
  • Elite Grand Master* — Amateur 50+ years old, has chance to finish in top 10 overall
  • Clydesdale — Males racing weight groups in two age groups:
    • under 40 & 220+lbs
    • over 40 & 220+lbs
  • Athena — Females racing weights group, not age group — 150lbs+
  • Aquabike — racing only the swim and bike portions only (no running)

*The elite divisions are only for the sprint triathlon or duathlon participants. Those competing in these divisions are not eligible for age group awards.


For those who prefer to race one element of the triathlon or duathlon we offer a relay division. Relay teams consist of three (3) members (1 swimmer, 1 biker, 1 runner); each member will complete one segment of the race (2 members for duathlon teams). Each team member will exchange their timing chip bracelet at their assigned bike rack. There are NO age groups in this division.


All finishers will receive a handsome finisher medal.